Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday: Gotta Watch Those Boys:)

Chris loves soda!!!! It's a treat when we're at church socials or when I have to make a cake;) Or when we're visiting with family.

Grandma and Grandaddy brought some soda with them during the week they helped us pack up. I have to say with all the work and the heat, it was nice to have something else to drink besides water:)

But we all got a laugh when Chris was trying to talk Grandma into another glass of root beer.

Chris : "But Grandma, I don't feel drunk!"

LOL!! Took me a minute to realize he knew he was drinking root beer. And then to remember the "drinking" conversations we have had with the kids during Little House on the Prairie episodes :)


One of Nate favorite new words is "teys" for keys. I know part of the reason is that we have a little book that talks about keys, it's one of his favorites to read at bedtime. We've even caught him sticking our van keys in the ignition:/

We'll now he is making his own keys;) And he knows exactly where they go;)

He's soo proud of himself;)


Chris and I were playing cards one hot afternoon. After a few hands I let him shuffle the deck. For some reason "shuffling" is an honored job while playing cards:)

But what was precious was Chris saying "chuckle" instead of shuffle;)

And you've got to watch him when he shuffles, he tries to give himself the "wild" cards!! Little rascal:)

Let me say, that I often get busy with too many "housekeeping" things and neglect simple things like playing a game, coloring or even get watching the kids create stuff with their toys. But from our couple of cards games, I really was reminded of the need for me spend "playtime" with them.

Funny, how I read a blog about it a few days later;)

Now it's your turn. What have your kids been saying:)


Jenny said...

LOL about Christ being "drunk". My Memaw had an Aunt that refused to drink root beer, because it had the word beer in it.

Nate looks so pleased with himself.

kewkew said...

The root beer comment is great. Love root beer floats but we dont' drink soda very often.
And the look on his face with the key. Definitely proud.
So cute.
Wasn't sure if you would have a new one up this week, so I linked up to this week's.
Sorry I'm so sporadic.