Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday: Robots, Thugs & Judge Judy

Brian was working with Anna on a Lego creation for Chris. Brian has noticed that Anna does really well following the directions to make the figures and enjoys doing it... and will work on it for a long time.

She worked alone for a bit, then she asked Brian to help her with a step.

After a minute, he asked Anna, " Do you think you'd like to be an engineer when you get older? You'd get to build stuff like buildings, bridges, and or maybe even a space shuttle?"

Anna responded,"Dad, I can't even build this Lego robot, there is no way I can build a space shuttle!!"

Recently once of Anna's spelling words was "Judy".

We don't know anyone named Judy really well, so the name was a bit new to Anna. She gave me a strange, thoughtful look and kept saying,"Judy, Judy, Judy...."  (obviously the reaction of a genius... LOL!!)

After a minute she looked up at me and said,"You mean like Judge Judy??"

I was surprised she knew the name... if our TV is on in the afternoons it's on PBSkids:) So I asked her where she learned about Judge Judy.

Anna responded,"Oh, I watch it with Pey!"

We had a slug come into the house that has caused quite a stir:) LOL!!

The kids were all one-upping each other's slug stories...

Anna found it:)

Chris touched it:)

And Lydia responded," I've touched a thug before when we had one slugging around in the washroom!"

I always wondered what the movement of a slug was called.... slugging around sounds pretty good;)
And touching a "thug" sounds kind of dangerous;)

Often as I ask Chris to clean his room.... which he gets asked VERY often, the kid can be a walking tornado sometimes...

Chris shares with me,"I wish had a robot that would do my chores for me!" LOL!! And he was quite pleased when I responded that he should try to make one :)


Jenny said...

LOL! I just love the things kids come up with.

krista said...

Maybe they have learned about Thugs from Judge Judy, but then they would know not to touch them :)

Suanna said...

Kent (7) has said he'd like a magic wand to help him clean his room. If Chris invents that room cleaning robot I'm sure Kent would be interested in one.