Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Model Reviewer

As a Mommy reviewer, I don't work alone;) Besides the fabulous and super motivating ladies at SIMPLE... my kiddos are my best partners and I couldn't review products without them:)

Recently I go to review a clothing line called French Toast:) I received a couple of items for Chris (to help with his lacking wardrobe)! These pants are the "super kid" pants.... they have doubled knees (for wear), adjustable waist AND an extra hem that can be let out.... perfect for this age when they seen to grown an inch every season;)

But to really "complete" the review I needed him to WEAR the clothes to get some decent pictures;)
I honestly dreaded having to go through the "photo shoot" process...

but to my delight Chris was the model model:)
He loved skipping his nap to help me out and he really got into the part.


He enjoyed the one-on-one attention!!

Does he not look soooo grown here  :(

And he liked the clothes.. he's picked them out twice to wear to church... and that is amazing for my usually shirtless, wind pants little boy:)

Yes, he can be a tough cookie sometimes... but I was super thankful for our fun time together! A time that could have been very stressful was instead super fun;)

Gotta love my little reviewers;)

And to see the final pictures... head over to the review on SIMPLE:) Oh, and sign up for the giveaway :)

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BusyWorkingMama said...

His facial expressions are to die for! Love it!

Katherines Corner said...

love those silly faces, adorable!! Hugs

Sarah said...

Oh my! Such great shots. He is adorable!

Jaime said...

Toooo cute Kelly. I love his expressions

Bunch of Barrons said...

His facial expressions are hilarious. What a cutie. :)

Sarah said...

So cute! He could be modeling for the brand. Love the faces :)

Jenny said...

He is so adorable! I love those facial expressions!

Carinn said...

I love how he hammed it up for you! What a great model! :)

Anonymous said...

Back when we were kids, my younger brother always went shirtless when not at school or at church. It was kind of embarrassing for me back then, but now that is how I remember him as a child. I have a feeling that it was healthier for him anyway since he was rarely sick. I have actually considered gently encouraging my own son to go shirtless, but he seems to get cold easily.

Ika Devita Susanti said...

You know what? He is so handsome. I think he has the gift as a model too :)

By the way, I love your header. it's cool!