Saturday, December 10, 2011

SOOC : The Chickens & Clowns at the Parade;)

SOOC Saturday

This week we attended the community Christmas Parade. It was very different for us though because for at least the last 4 years we have been on a float or in a vehicle representing our church. But this year nothing was planned and so we got to watch the whole parade... kind of sad, but kind of nice to be able to enjoy it!




This was Nate's first parade and he was excited about the candy:)

About half way through my older kids started looking for places to "hide"...

from this coming down the road.


My kids are "scared" of clowns so they hid in the new deli in town with the deli's owner, peeking out with them;)

I'm not afraid of clowns.. but I have to say that these were a little creepy looking, or is it just me/us?

A parade in our town is never complete without a tractor or two:)

And my crazy kids... covering their ears from all the marching bands and rescue vehicles sounding their sirens;)
Anna covering her ears and notice Chris covering his in the background... LOL!!

For as small as our town is the parade is always really nice and well attended. I love that soo many of my neighbors and I get to see each other and catch up a bit, too!!


Drea said...

we miss yall. Nate looks so big in that one picture of him by himself. So cute!

Marvelous Mommy said...

Wow great shots! Looks like fun!

Jenny said...

Yikes, those are scary clowns! I don't blame them from hiding.

It looks like a fun time minus the clowns!

Emily said...

Looks like a great time, minus the clowns :o). Thank you for sharing!

Ika Devita Susanti said...

Kelly, I really enjoy reading your posts. The more I read it, the more I love to hear from you. You have such a wonderful family. You spread the joy by sharing your - or their- activities. I love it so much! Thanks for sharing.