Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent... trying to slow down

Some how the days leading to Christmas this year are relatively "quiet" around here! Obviously not free from children noise- giggling, wrestling, singing - but not too hurried from activity to activity. I am thankful:)

In these last few months I have added a couple more responsibilities to my plate that are keeping me busy... isn't that how it works;) And with these few extra tasks... the burden on me feels great most days.... the daily tasks rarely get completed :(

I look back to what I named this YEAR.... the year to Chose the Best. I haven't always succeeded ... but in these last few days when the extra responsibilities are pulling at me....

 I am trying hard to keep the focus.

To spend the mornings and afternoons with the kids.... teaching, guiding, shaping with love... trying!! And then cramming all my tasks into rest time and after the kids have gone to bed :)

And to prepare for Christmas:)

Just wanted to share this video with you:)

We aren't doing much!

We have a little advent calendar where we move all the Nativity characters in their places... expectantly waiting for Baby Jesus.

We've been listening to Christmas music and attempting to memorize the Christmas Story:)

We've put up and decorated our sweet, faithful, fake Christmas tree:) This year only using the ornaments the kids wanted... ones they made, ones saved from our childhood or ones given to us.... no fancy bows, or ribbons... simple.

We're reading through and trying to do some of the activities from the Jesse Tree Advent by Ann @ A Holy Experience. If you wanted to do an advent devotional... it's not too late.... just start on today or read through to catch up!

And eventually we'll start Christmas shopping.... yes, we wait to the last minute:) We already have a couple of presents collected  and since we don't do too much, there is plenty of time!
Thanks to Angela... for insisting to get a pic:)

Thankful for this Advent season... of trying to slow down.

Trying to enjoy each day with one another.

Trying to share the importance of the little babe in the manger... to the little babes of my house;)

And if you are looking for some Christmas (or anytime) cards.
I am giving away 3 sets of 25 from Shutterfly ending Friday!

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Jenny said...

That picture of you and the kids is perfect!

Great video too. I love this time of year.