Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TTT: Tormenting of the Christmas Tree

One of the easiest ways to torment our sweet and familiar Christmas tree is to steal the ornaments:) And Nate is quite the thief!

And just today as I was in the kitchen preparing lunch, Nate turned the corner and got out of my sight for a few minutes. And then I heard Lydia from the dining room (where the tree is), "Oh, Nate.... nooooo!"

Then she comes to me with a crumbled up wet piece of construction paper. "Nate ate Baby Jesus!"

And then there is The Shake!

Oh, yes.... I would have never let the others do this to the Christmas tree.... but I've lightened up some;) And it's just too precious and funny!!


This has nothing to do with Nate or the Christmas tree.....

The kids were watching a video that had a male & female cartoon kissing. Anna immediately responded,"ewwwww!! [turning to us] Oh, Daddy, you and Mommy don't kiss on the lips, do you?"

LOL!!! Of course we answered that we do.... lead to more "ewwww"'s!! ha haaha aa


Anonymous said...

ha ha. hilarious. i love the video of Nate. So cute!

Patricia said...

Your little one is one day younger than my girl. And yes she eats everything as well:)

Tracey M. said...

Your Nate is just enamored with the Christmas tree! I love the jiggling and poor baby Jesus!
Visiting from over at Tiny talk.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOL...he ate the baby Jesus...HAHA!

LOVE that shaking the Christmas tree. Yes, we let those littles do a lot of things we would have "never" let the siblings do...hehehe!

kewkew said...

Wish I could have watched the video, but the computer is extremely slow lately. But the pictures were adorable. Poor Baby Jesus.
The kissing comments were too funny