Sunday, December 19, 2010

Appeared.... and everywhere!!!

The reason for the quick naps and fussiness,

The reason for the constant gnawing on EVERYTHING, has appeared.

Or rather, they have appeared!! In a pair;)

I've also wanted to blog what a goofy little boy Nate is!! We've been laughing at the antics and things he is getting into and enjoying....

he is a hoot (and a messy little thing)! He's EVERYWHERE!!!!

Just last night as the kids were enjoying a cookie dough snack (lol.. they'd rather eat the dough and they can when we don't use eggs). Chris ran off quickly leaving his snack on the blanket unattended and Nate saw his chance...

Before we knew it, Nate was covered in cookie dough. Going after it with all force;)

He sooo needed a bath, he even had oatmeal bits UP his nose:)

And he has discovered where I like to keep my magazines;) The pages are all crumbled with missing pieces every so often:)

Why are babies so amused with the crumbling paper sounds?? And the taste of paper??


And this afternoon he was keeping his sisters from their Sunday afternoon nap....

Standing in his crib, calling out to someone to come get him:) And giggling with them when they caught his eye!!!

He started doing it last week and I got a pic then:)

LOL... from the pic you can tell he is currently sharing a room with his sisters;)

The girls were up in arms the other day.

Nate was in the walker and had made his way into their room while they were cleaning it.

And he brought with him one of our ornaments off of the Christmas tree!!

And the antics have JUST started..... we have MONTHS and YEARS of more to come:)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Too funny! He is definitely a curious boy! yay for teeth. I keep thinking Carsyn's will pop up any day.

Jenny said...

Look at those teeth! So cute!

Now I want to see the pic of him covered in cookie dough, what a mess!

Meg said...

Too cute! He is growing fast! You are so right about little ones likeing paper! I don't get it. Harrison is 20 months old and I'm still finding bites out of the sides of toilet paper rolls, missing corners of newspapers, and chewed up board books! Haha!