Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Out in the Snow... finally

Christmas night we waited for the snow.... and waited.

By morning, we were NOT disappointed,

well not disappointed with the appearance of SNOW. TOns of it and it snowed the whole next day and night:)

But we were disappointed with the fact that we couldn't travel to Grandma and Grandaddy's until the roads were safe again:(

Sunday, church was canceled due to the snow and road conditions. The kids and Brian were out in the snow by 9:30 as it was falling;)

Nate and I got out after his afternoon nap later that 1st afternoon... I was really wanting to get Nate out in the snow to see how he would react:)

He took it all in:) And didn't even mind the snow falling in his face OR being set down into the snow!!!
In fact, even though he looks a little grumpy (from his ONLY 20 minute nap!!), he actually fussed MORE getting him into his 4 layers to go outside;) And he fussed to go back OUT when we headed back inside!
The older ones LOVED the snow;) We need some better snow gear... especially better boots & gloves!! But I'm going to start looking for snow suits as well so the kids don't have to wear 4 pants!!!!!

After all that great Sunday snow fun, we all crashed and woke to sickness on Monday!!!

I started feeling sick first, and then Lydia joined me on the couch with a bucket... yuck!! I wasn't sick long, but it wiped out my energy completely... to the point that once I heard Nate crying and just didn't have the energy to pick him up:(

Thank goodness Brian was able to take care of everyone and the house (it was soo clean at the end of the day!!). Needless to say, we didn't do much outside Monday... Brian did manage to shovel outside and make a grocery run!

Late Monday night Anna started with the virus.... and she (and Brian) were up most of the night!!

By Tuesday afternoon (and after a couple of meals in my belly) I was ready to get back outside for some snow fun:) I was soo glad that Lydia was feeling well enough to go with me and Chris joined me later;) And we got to build some friends;)

Obviously I'm NOT a snow artist... even with Chris' help!!

I surprised Chris with this one (he added the chalk when we were decorating the snowman)...
Chris came out of the house to see my "dinosaur". He was soo excited and asked,"MOMMY! Did you make that Stegosaurus for me??"

Oh, such a sweet question! Of course I quickly told him I did and asked if he liked it:)

So thankful that we got to play in the snow for a few more minutes together (even had a snowball fight with Brian... I need to work on my aim!!!)

And that it seems we are all on the mend:) And hope to see Grandma and Grandaddy soon:)


Jenny said...

How fun! It snowed here on Christmas Eve and Abby and Dave went out to play that night. She was so excited to play in the snow in the dark.

Bummer about getting sick. Abby got the same thing you and Lydia had. She was so miserable on Monday, but was better by the afternoon today.

Jenilee said...

that looks like so much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you all feel better soon. Looks like you all had a great time.

Bea said...

I love, love the picture of Nate by himself out in the snow and the one with Chris's dinosaur!!! I am sorry you and the kids are feeling sick.