Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Using a Computer for the 1st Time

On Christmas morning Great Grandma (and Uncle Larry) came over to visit.
On the other side of the world Scott and Bea waited  late in the evening of their Christmas Day.
Grandaddy expertly got it all worked out.

So Great Grandma (almost 105) could use a computer for the 1st time to connect to a grandson and granddaughter living thousands of miles away.


Her smile was contagious! She was soo excited to hear and speak to them.
And the others joined in to offer their Christmas greetings to Scott and Bea.


And we all got to be a part of an amazing moment.
Where the world got a little smaller for Great Grandma!


Anonymous said...

And nextt ime she will use an ipad :)

Jenny said...

That is awesome! She looks amazing, 105?! That is so cool!