Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hugs, Kisses and Animal Mtg at the Manger

IMG_3564This morning I was greeted with a little toothy smile:)

And as we snuggled for a bit before we started the day, Nate asked, "Where is Daddy?"

Brian put the kids to bed last night while I attended a meeting, so Nate remembered being with his daddy as he fell asleep. Then Nate had slept in until 8am which is when Brian starts his day at work so he missed seeing Brian in the morning.

Nate continued, "So you are going to stay with us today, while Daddy is at work?" LOL! It was funny that he was asking this.... hmm, we have the same arrangement 5 days a week;)

Then he added, "You can stay with us because we give you hugs and kisses!" Definitely the BEST way to start the morning and the BEST reminder of the blessings of this season of getting to stay with them:)

I'm totally not ashamed that we still have up Christmas decorations!! I love Christmas and taking down all the pretty and meaningful decor makes our house look soo bare. They will come down sometime this week (or next week!) though:/

Meanwhile, Nate is still playing with the Little People Manger set we bring out every Christmas!! He loved the set this year. He's take it out of his "busy bin" and ask,"Will you tell me the story?" Music to this momma's ears... just beautiful and simple! Christmas!

This week I found a meeting happening at the manger scene... a meeting of animals.

I had to see what the "hub-bub" was about :)

I know it was a silly arrangement of Nate's, but in that moment it really hit me when I saw they surrounded Him... Baby Jesus!

I was still... I was reminded of how we should have Jesus in the middle of it all. That even a small child knows that Jesus is the most important person! And in this case Nate thought even the animals gave Jesus all the attention.

I love stopping to see sweet moments instead of just rushing through my days and tasks. I am VERY guilty of always being in a rush with an impossible "to do" list each day. And I am thankful for the encouragement and reminders I get when I take the time to stop and enjoy and even look for the small blessings among the messes and the every day moments with my kids.

Link up or share in the comments if you also have some "tiny talk" moments this week:)


Anonymous said...

You won't believe ir Kelly but I have alittle tiny talk story this week! :)
On 26th Dec. My sister and me were invited at friends who have three kids age 5 till 8. along with the godmothers and godfather of the kids were invited and two of them are friends of us, too. So we know they will have gifts for the kids and we asked what to give the kids. Her mother first said that it is not neccessary but we said we would like to give a small piece at least to each child. So while we were sitting down to the table for having lunch together my sister and the friend who is the godfather put secretly the gifts under the tree.
When the kids finished lunch they asked whether they can go and play. They were allowed and even they crossed the room next to the place the tree was they did not see anything. :)
We adults were waiting till one of kids would recognize the gifts, i think was about 20 minutes later when the youngest came in, got big eyes and said, there are gifts under the tree. And then, was the christchild here again? His Dad told him that it looks like that and that he can go and tell his siblinfs to come. He did and when he came back he said: I know it! The christchild must have been here while we ate lunch!
It was just too cute! :)

Grammie said...

Soooo sweet and its great they are still using the Christmas nativity set.

Grammie said...

Soooo sweet and its great they are still using the Christmas nativity set.

Bunch of Barrons said...

So sweet! Looks like he set up the focus of that "meeting" just right. ;)