Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Fall Beach Trip

The cold weather has surrounded us this week! It makes me very thankful for our mild fall and our quick, "somewhat spontaneous" fall beach trip to visit my aunt and uncle.

They had contacted us earlier about meeting them for the day while they were visiting a local beach. While I was excited about the chance and honored by the invite, I was hoping to find a day we could get Brian out of the office, too:) But it didn't happen so the kids and I headed to the beach.

The crew was willing to head to a local aquarium, too!! So we even were able to squeeze in a field trip during our mini vacation;)


They spent a lot of time in the simulated turtle rescue center. Chris and Anna were at the diagnostic center and Nate like the clinic side where he got to "treat" the turtles.... I actually he was supposed to be giving an enema... LOL!!


Chris dancing with the turtles:)


The touch tank was a BIG hit;)

We tried to keep Nate dry... but he was soaked! Thankfully I had packed an extra outfit, so a quick change and we were ready for more!

And the sharks!!


We did some swimming in the freezing cold water. I actually didn't swim until I had to:/ We had a  scary event that thankfully ended with giggling.

We also swam in a pool (for the last time for the "season") and made a Sonic visit after dinner... a true kid's vacation:)

Unfortunately, I didn't get beach pictures or pictures with my aunt and uncle:( It was a treat to get the opportunity to stay with them at the beach. Not only because it's not often we get to see some of our extended family, but because...

sometimes you don't realize how much you need a vacation until you are away and get to relax a bit ( as relaxing as it gets with 4 kids)!!

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