Monday, November 18, 2013

Their 1st CampOut

Grammie returned from Nepal safely:) While it was a little lonely not having my mom just a "phone call away" during a challenging season.

I am soo thankful for her heart and her example. For her courage to go alone to a foreign country where she had a few faithful contacts who lovingly took her in; and who wouldn't... my mom is awesome;)

And for her testimony! She said that she shared the news of Dad's death to some of the people that they had worked with a few years ago. People they promised that they would return to work with... and now it was just my mom they saw!!

So after this amazing journey to Nepal and back. After a quick week or so getting "settled" back at home, WHAT DOES my MOM DO?

Heads down to my house

ready to take some excited kids camping... on their 1st CampOut;)

They didn't go far:)... just the carport... LOL!! The weather called for rain and we were wanting a good and restful 1st experience:)IMG_2607

Decked out in their Nepali headgear, they were all smiles as we tucked them in.


Chris was in his usual bed attire... just the essentials:) LOL!!

Since the tent was loaded with girls, he slept in the backseat of the truck and had his own peek hole into the tent to check-in with Grammie.

And amazingly it was a "silent night"!!

As soon as Nate was awake in the morning, he headed outside to check on the campers;) We could hear them starting to move around and maybe a little face or two peeking around the tent!


They had a blast!!!

They did awesome:) We have some campers on our hands!!

I was laughing at myself though. Even though the kids were just outside, with my mom and I could even hear them settling down for the night...

Brian could peek in on them!

 I was still a little nervous!

 I can count with one hand (and a finger) how many times one of my children haven't been under my care overnight. And 3 of those times it was when I was in the hospital birthing a sibling!

Seeing  my "shy" and "momma" kids to want to start becoming more and more independent...

is a joyful (and terrifying) part of motherhood. And this is just the start.... oh, I know, yikes!

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