Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Singing His Name

Nate is at a very exciting stage:) He is learning something new daily and showing us that he knows it;) It's so awesome to see him beginning to recognize letters and understand letter sounds.

So a few weeks ago I was trying to teach him the letters of his name and he just wasn't getting it. But he loves to sing...

We started to use a short, little song to practice his name.

And it stuck!

What is even cooler is that he is finding letters that are in his name and trying to make the letters! This morning he was making letters too using straw-like tubes.


It was just a reminder of how much kids can memorize through song and repetition:)

And I wanted to share this one too! We have been singing "Jesus, Loves Me" to Nate since he was a tiny little bundle. But just recently he has been singing with us;) Just precious!

This morning he changed the lyrics a bit...

Jesus love me
This I know,
'Cause me mommy tells me so

I giggled and reminded him that mommy loves telling him about Jesus. And I learn about Jesus from the Bible:) Anyway, it was another sweet, encouraging mommy-moment!!

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