Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Favs

Too high??

Wesley chasing bubbles:)
IMG_1159 E

A shared yawn:) LOL:)

And the best of all:)
Pey throwing a football to the boys and...


waving to neighbors driving by:)

You all it was an AWESOME visit home! Good to see out family and even all be home at the same time for a few minutes. But to see my Dad getting to spend a few moments outside... getting to enjoy the day after being bed-ridden for over 3 weeks!!

Isn't that like the LOrd to give us sweet memories and glimpses of hope? Just so thankful for our trip!!
And continue to keep Pey and my mom Grammie in your prayers.

More Wordless Wednesday at  5 Minutes for Mom,  Mama to 4 Blessings, Go Graham Go.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed you will have more of this moments of visiting home!

Jenny said...

That sounds like a great visit. How wonderful that Pey was able to get out and enjoy the day with the kids.