Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tiny Talk-ing Tuesday

I haven't been good about writing down our conversations this week:( I do have some quick ones;)

Lydia informed me this week that she wants to be a "Texas Ranger" when she is older. Why? "Texas Rangers get to ride their horses all day long outside. I love horses and being outside all the time." Looks like a good fit... LOL!!

I definitely have "outdoors-y" kids...  one paleontologist and one Texas Ranger:)


Nate has begun stuttering:( Right now it's super cute, he usually gets stuck on "Me" when he begins the sentence with that word.... which happens often!!

I'm not too worried about the stuttering for now.... Anna went through at least 2 seasons of stuttering and began speaking without stuttering without any intervention... just waiting patiently and not drawing attention to it:) Maybe I can get a video... without drawing attention... right;)

Have a great Tuesday and stay dry... we're having a super soaker of a day today... glad we got outside yesterday:)

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