Monday, March 18, 2013

Tiny Talking Tuesday with Help From the Extended Fam

On the way to the second grocery store Nate announces, "Me,me,me,me,me.... me hungry!"

I offer him some pretzels. "No, me eat tandy!"

seriously... this kid is a candy monster. I totally limit his intake but I've never had a kid ask for candy soo much before.

"Me,me,me,me,me... me buy wiff me own money?"

I explain that candy isn't good for him (like pretzels are any better:/). "Tandy not have any milk in it."

How did he get this "smart"???  Unfortunately, as cute as he was... no tandy was purchased or consumed on that trip:/

How do you know when you KNOW that your dog needs a haircut???


Oh about when your 1 yr old nephew calls him a sheep:/

Yep, our little Wesley met Jack last weekend and looked at Jack and said, "Baaaaa"! He wasn't saying Jack was bad, although Jack had just knocked him over to get the dog toy from Wesley's hand.

IMG_1172No, Wesley was saying "Baaaa, baaa" like the sheep noise he and his mother had just practiced:)

Jack fit the picture. Furry, white and a big black nose;)

They did become friends after the knocking over event....

Wesley even tried to share his milk;) Jack has that "way" about him with most people!

Also from this weekend Nate learned the "secret weapon" in picking a fight with anyone:)  It was approaching bedtime and we were keeping Hannah Grace for my sister and the kiddos were tired. Well, that's of course when Nate and Hannah no longer wanted to get along.

I heard from the hall as I made my way to them, "I doe tell my mom." (Nate) and then I heard, "Well I'm going to tell my Grammie." (Hannah)... LOL!!!

Eventually they settled down on either side of me and we got to read some books until Hannah went to find Grammie:) Those two together crack me up:)

Now it's your turn!


Anonymous said...

How smart Nate is about buying with his own money...made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

How smart Nate is! Buying from his own money....made me smile :)

Jenny said...

That is so funny that he was going to buy the candy with his own money. LOL! Too cute!

Mama S said...

so cute :-)