Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Pinterest Attempt & What I Learned

So I haven't been blogging lately... hopefully you don't miss us very much:/

I have oh, so many antics to share:) How right now Nate's car seat is in the kitchen getting doctored up. Or why Chris still might have some red marks on his neck (it was all him... and a marker!!).

Or my little girls getting new or new-to-them shoes and how they are in little girl "heaven" getting all dressed up!  And I couldn't forget Lydia's first experience with makeup at a friend's house... oh, my...  unfortunately, no pictures... a blessing for her because they would have been great to have to scare off those first few boys!


I'm sharing what I did with a weekend day while the crew was outside playing in the yard... getting all nice and dirty/sandy:) And having great adventures in the woods with a neighbor like kids do!!

I cleaned. Not just anything but my laundry table... I mean dining room table:/  It's not tucked away in any room; it's totally visible where we have guests. But I tackled it... laundry, Christmas decor, random kids' toys and all.

Can I tell you how pretty the table is, again!! And how determined I am not to junk it up again:)

I then rewarded myself with a Pinterest project:)
I had seen an "Easter" cross a few weeks ago and I began gathering up my sticks. Brian left me a huge pile of dried out vines and branches as he had cleared off some of our wooded property so I had lots to choose from:)

Then on a Wednesday night I took only 2 older kids with me to Walmart after church and got some artificial flowers too:)

IMG_1287So on that "quiet, at least inside" Saturday, I gathered all my supplies in our unfurnished entry way and got to work;)

I have to admit... I am NOT a good crafter:/ A lot of it is lack of practice and skill. Some is lack of knowledge. And some is not "having an eye" for what looks decent....

but I didn't use those excuses... I pushed forward to do a "PIN" :)

There were discouraging moments when I realized my fake lily wasn't up to the caliber of the lily in the original post :( But I pressed on...

Ok, my wreath isn't going to win any awards:) But I made it... yippee!! And it only cost me $3 for the artificial flowers, everything else I already had or collected in the yard.

I could make a list of really awesome excuses why mine doesn't look like the original... but my crew likes it:)  And I LOVE it...

ok, I like it because I made it... but I LOVE what it stands for and that its on OUR door!!

So what did I learn??

1. I NEED a new glue gun... LOL!! I've been joked before, but I either need a new glue gun or some extra appendages to hold the project, hold the part that is getting the glue, hold the glue gun and push the little glue stick through so the hot glue will come out.... yes, a trigger would be super helpful!!

2.  Walmart flowers weren't as pretty. My lilies were small... no just puny! And I tried to get them to hang open... nope, it wasn't happening naturally. I just glued those puppies to the side:/ Next time I'll have to do a little advanced planning or make a trip to get some nicer flowers:)

3. Since I'm not a perfectionist with crafting... I just need to make projects my own. Use the idea as a starting point and then tailor it to my abilities, supplies, time and style.

But I had fun:) And my door is decorated with something that has lots of meaning for us and this season:) So it was a good attempt!!

This is my next "quiet Saturday" project... maybe, if I get another one;)
Source: Kelly B on Pinterest
 With these instructions, because I think I can:)

Have an AMAZING Easter ... 
taking time to reflect and celebrate the meaning of the season and 
the amount of  POWER and LOVE demonstrated on the cross that is available to EVERYONE!!


Jenny said...

I love it! All of our twigs are covered with wet snow, but I'll have to remember to grab some up for them to dry out to make one of these by next year.

The Mrs. said...

That is a GREAT wreath! Love it.