Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Partying at the Barnyard

One Saturday evening in June we headed to a farm for my nephew Wesley's 3rd birthday party. My brother and sister-in-law are always soo creative and sweet to make Wesley's parties an opportunity for the cousins (and adults) to get together! We all had a fun time at the petting farm and getting to see one another!

All lined up... ready to feast!  Goat-eyes really creep me out:/

A newborn kid... so small!


The goat riding the turtle really cracked Nate up!! It was pretty funny:)

And this little guy came up! Nate was pushing him b/c he thought the little one was biting the big one :/

Then he stepped back to try to figure it out!

I asked him what the little goat was doing; but,  Nate just giggled.

No clue:)  But a sweet smile!!
Who knew this beauty was a chicken catcher?? Way to go, Hannah Grace!!

I loved tagging along with these two cousins!! They came up with some silly ideas and had a blast together!

And a cousin pic!!!! The secret to everyone looking at the camera is a dancing & singing adult! Too bad I don't have a picture of that, too!!

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Jenny said...

Nate looks so big in these pics! LOL at him having no clue what the goats were doing.

The goat on the turtle is quite funny. And yes, goat eyes creep me out too!

Cute pic of the cousins!