Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tiny Talk Tuesday - Summer Songs Edition

So have there been any songs that are "stuck" at your house this summer?? LOL!!

My crew has had two that have lingered in our home;)

The first was a song (and movement) to Agency D3 VBS that we attended at our church in June. I'm not sure of the official title of the song but any time someone in the house uses the word "more", we start singing:)

"More, more,... oh, oh, oh,oh, oh,... more, more, more than just a good man!" So very cute to hear them all start to sing with the perfect pitch and timing with each other. And I love that it's a song about Jesus being "more than just a good man"!

The other song is funny:) We finally got to see the LEGO movie during one the $1 deals at a local movie this summer! The kids were sooo excited to finally see it and Nate made it through a whole movie (I think that was a 1st for us... minus the time we took when he was too little to care).

Here is the "full version", my kids just sing the "chorus" :)

And of course my kids totally add in different words to include what we're doing or something that has been done. Seems like we get a new version to sing every few days;)

"Everything is awesome when you're part of the B_________ team, everything is awesome because it's kind of about me!"

So what songs, sung at the tops of their lungs, have you heard in your house over and over and over this summer ???

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