Monday, July 21, 2014

One-Sided Freckles


For over a year or so, I've noticed a cute (and a little alarming) aspect of Nate's little face. If you look closely, he only has freckles on the left side of his face!!

I love freckles! I love to tell the story that was told to me about my dad winning the freckle contests many summers growing up. And most of the time loosing only to his brother:) LOL!! Freckles tie me (and my kids) to my dad.

Nate's little face though with only one side spotted with freckles is adorable!

But a little odd....

how would a kid get freckles only on one side?

It would mean that his left side is more exposed to the sun than his right. And often enough to actually bring the freckles out! We are big sunscreen users when the kids play/swim outside... so it's not like we have purposely not used sunscreen on the left! Nope!

The only thing I can think it would be is where he sits in the van?

Nate is still in a 5-point harness car seat that doesn't move to other spots often. It has worked the best for him to sit right behind the driver:) So his left side is facing the window as we drive in the van.

That's the alarming part. He is actually getting sun that is affecting his skin pigment:/ Crazy!

Maybe we need to include sunscreen during extended van excursions?

Anyway, it's kind of cute;) But of course, I'm totally biased because he's my kiddo:)


Drea said...

That is interesting. I doubt its sun exposure tho. I think its just something unique. My friends girl has one eye that is half blue/half green. :) makes her unique and different hehe.

Anonymous said...

Just move him to the other side of the car.