Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tiny Talk Tuesday & Vacation Pics

IMG_6976As we've gone down the road to our friend's house this spring and to the pool this summer, we've watched a Canada goose family. In the beginning the kids thought the goslings were soo cute. Their lighter fluffier feathered balls swimming around the adults were soo fun to spot. And then the little goslings got larger and started to get their adult feathers.

Finally we went by the goose family this week and the geese all looked about the same size. And I heard Nate say from the backseat:

"Why do babies always have to grow up? Now there aren't any babies no more!"

I teared up! I have been having the same feeling in our family! All my babies are grown:/

And the child that is not a baby anymore, but is still youngest, decided to smile like this...

and someone might have told him that he looked like he was making a "stinky"! And this was the next pic... the siblings' reactions.
More fun pictures from our fun visit to Charleston last week! It's always nice to see family and get to explore some fun places.







What are your kids saying? Or where have you gone with summer;)

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