Friday, September 6, 2013

End of the Summer Grandparent Visits

I haven't been very diligent blogging our fun visits from and to grandparents:(

We were actually able to use the recent Labor Day weekend to get out-of-town for an "end of summer" visit to Grandma and Grandaddy's;) We all look forward to a change of routine and visiting and getting loved on by them!! It's always great... even when we don't do much but read, sleep in, and definitely visit with family:)

And I barely took out my camera:/ But did get this;)


Grandma and Grandaddy actually came up our way during our first week of school in early August! It was nice having some help for a school morning;) And since Brian still had off on Fridays then, our 1st Friday "at school" included a field trip to a nearby town to a small "aquarium", the riverwalk and a local park!! Field trips on Fridays are always awesome... add in Dad and grandparents... yippee!!





We are very thankful for our parents and the grandparents they are to our children!

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