Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tiny Talk with the Boys

While visiting with Grandma and Grandaddy, I was trying to get Nate to sleep:/ Really just trying to get him still... once he's still, he's asleep:)

I got the laptop out to let him watch Goodnight Moon on youtube... nice and peaceful and quiet:) I left the room to get a cup of water for him and I get back, I see this...
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and hear him say, "Hey, MOmma. Want to watch some NetFlix? Me know how to do it!" Click, click, click as he pushes who knows how many keys:/

I had to laugh though... at 3 he's talking about watching movies using an online service. Um, at 3, computers we're even a part of a home:/ Amazing what changes happen in 30+ years!!

During the same night.... LOL!! Nate noticed a picture on the nightstand:) And we started talking about it.


The picture was taken in Austria in 2003. Brian and I toured parts of Vienna, Austria with his parents before a conference in Hungary:) A trip that was definitely pre-kiddos:)

But Nate insisted he was in the picture!! Insisted!! Finally I said, "Where?" thinking I was calling his bluff.

Nate announced," Me was under the table!
" LOL!! Too funny what this kid comes up with!
Ok, those who know me, know that I'm not super fashionable. But I've been slowly adding some classic pieces of jewelry that I can add to my wardrobe;) Last week I found a new pair of hoops.

IMG_9822Feeling a little self-conscience I asked Brian what he thought. His response was, "You look like a pirate... argh!!"


So I asked the pirate expert of the house... Chris! Since he was out of the room when Brian made his comment and hadn't seen my earrings, so I thought Chris would be a reliable opinion. I asked, "Chris, do I look like a pirate?"

Chris quickly answered,"Nah, MOm. You don't look like a pirate. You don't have an eye patch!" And then he started walking away. He turned back to me in a second and added, "But those new earrings do look like a pirates!" LOL

I can't try anything "new" with this crew!! LOL!!

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Drea said...

i wouldnt have ever thought pirate. lol I think brian needs a good ear flick for that one :)