Monday, December 10, 2012

TTT & Jack's New Do

We purposefully did NOT name our dog Scruffy for a good reason. He naturally has a scruffy look especially with being a longer haired dog. And we definitely didn't want him living up to his name:)

But sadly, he was looking really scruffy. Happy and very hairy:)


He was definitely in need of a trim:) I did attempt to trim him myself;)... I attempted it! I was only using hair scissors and it took me forever to do his hind legs, so Brian suggested I save all of our sanity by taking him to a professional.

I know virtually nothing about getting a dog groom. I checked to be sure they came with some recommendations. Since it's a groomer through our vet and at our vet's office I knew that he would be taken care of.  I just didn't know what other questions to ask:)

So on Monday morning we headed out bright and early to bring Jack to the groomer's.The young lady taking care of him was super sweet:) Super sweet. She asked what we were looking for and then took him in the back.

As we waited for Jack the kids started to express their concerns.

"Is Jack ok there with the strangers?"
"It's so quiet without Jack here, I miss him."
"Do you think they will know how to cut Jack's hair?"

I kind of used the conversation to relate their worries about Jack with how I feel about them being away from me. That even when I know, know, know they are with good people who love them, I am not with them and I "worry" about them. I wonder if they are doing ok and having fun. And I miss them!!

I stressed that they are very special to me and irreplaceable which makes it very different than us leaving Jack for a few hours.

Lydia took that last statement to heart, "We are very special because children are born and not bought."

Anna added, "They can also be adopted."

So at noon we got a call that Jack was ready to be picked up. They kids were very anxious to see him... I don't think we've ever loaded into the van so quickly:)

As the groomer brought Jack out without his normal harness and on a pink leash there were some mixed emotions.

Jack was very glad to see us;)
One kid said," Is that our dog?"  LOL!!!!
And Lydia was very disturbed that Jack was on a pink leash. She kept saying," Don't they know that he is a boy? His name is Jack. He should not have a pink leash!" LOL!!

In the car the kids kept asking for me to call Daddy to tell him that we bought a new dog:) Yes, Jack looked WAY different.

So here he is;) The "new" Jack!!


After 24 hours, the cut is growing on me. It's much easier when he comes in.... he has a lot less briers, dirt and hopefully no more centipedes (yes, he brought in a centipede last weekend.... they bite, I know from recent experience!).

I think I'd like for his fur to grow out more and stay a bit longer... looking more spaniel:) This is the perfect "summer" cut so he doesn't get too hot. And he is SOOOO soft:)

But now we're in the market for a doggie sweater/coat:)

Now it's your turn to link up about what your kiddos are saying;)

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