Monday, December 10, 2012

Still Curly

His hair IS getting long:)

Lately I've been getting more and more "your little girl has beautiful hair" comments about my long-hair little boy... enough for me to really consider chopping off his beautiful hair and curls again.


We've already cut off the curls once:/ Yes, he looked adorable:) But the curls came back when we really thought they weren't going to.

And I was relieved, I had really missed the Nate-curls.

IMG_9406As I pondered cutting the curls off again (as we prepared for our annual Christmas card picture), I realized that it's really not about the curls...

it's about this little guy growing up soo fast...

it's about savoring this sweet "little guy" stage (even the booger-y days) a little longer:) Not making him look or be "grown up" too quickly.

Hair is hair. Yes, eventually we'll have to cut it... it's coming sooner than I'd like.

It's just that right now his hair is beautiful and right now he can pull it off:) Just a bit longer;)

And I can savor these "little guy" days for just a little longer, too!

BTW... if you ask him (and he responds) he likes his hair right now;) So it's not just for Momma's benefit.

So our Christmas pic will have a curly head this year... probably the last year:/ Savoring the remaining "little" days:)

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