Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday

"Put on me dress. Me dress and den me doe outside?"

Funny that he wanted to get dressed to go outside to play, but he asked for a "dress" in his first statement:)

While Chris was outside this weekend a neighbor came into our yard and introduced herself to Chris. I wasn't aware of the visitor and so I was asking Chris later what she looked like thinking I had probably seen her before in he neighborhood.

Me: Chris was she a young lady or an older lady?
Chris: Well, she was a little of both!

He's very diplomatic:)


During a school morning, I asked Chris to carefully hand me one of our books; carefully because he was across the room and I really didn't want him to throw the book:)

As he sat next to me he asked why he needed to be careful with the book. I told him that it was one of my favorite books to use with them and I was hoping to save it for Nate, too!

Chris then responded,"Well after Nate is finished with it can you keep it for my children? I want to have my children do school at home too!"

This seriously was precious to me.... how many of us go through times of questions wondering if home schooling really "fits our family". The days are long and sometimes emotionally packed and I feel guilty the kids are missing out...
but for my child to think about home schooling their own children someday:) Precious!

We've been working through the Jesse Tree Devotional from A Holy Experience. We lucked out that Grandma gave us a mini tree that we set up in the school room... works perfectly!!

Chris is determined to call the Jesse Tree a "Jesus Tree" since all the stories talk about Jesus:)
And after our first devotional he snuck off and added a tree topper..... a CROWN!! Very sweet... and definitely appropriate for our Jesus Tree!!

Oh, the little boxes are a gift we recieved one year. Each box is labeled with a number 1-25 for the days leading to Christmas. Inside has a OT prophecy verse about the coming of Christ and then the corresponding NT verse.

We won't do all of them... but we'll definitely read the ones that correspond to our home school days;)

It's your turn!! Just leave a comment or link up:)


Jenny said...

Chris is such a sweetie. How cute that he wants to save the book for to homeschool his kids. And the crown for the tree, so cute!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Lol. I love kiddo talk. It's the best.