Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I've Already Been Guilty...

of stressing instead of thanking, worshiping, hugging and enjoying the season!

During these days before Christmas, there are so many great things.... extra cookies, preparing gifts, lights, gatherings with friends, parades, family pictures, crafts, Christmas cards?? (yes I'm still working on those!)...

but mixed into what is normally done in a day makes for some late nights and stressful moments trying to balance it all.

But I keep reminding myself (and having others telling me) that it doesn't have to be stressful...

 or look perfect.

Christmas is about Christ!

 All the extra activities, gifts, and treats are fun and should ADD to our celebration of Christ... not take away the joy that the season is supposed to bring.

After being up until the wee hours of the morning working on a snack and craft project for a home schooling meeting last week, I was woken early by Nate crying with a stomach ache.

Moments later he was sick on our bed:(


Needless to say, I was a little disappointed with how our plans immediately changed... my late night had been in vain....

or had it?

I still smile with how excited the kids were that they got to have the mini banana bread gift loaves for breakfast:) All wrapped up.... it was a real treat for them!

When Nate recovered and was wanting to eat... he joined in:)

How desperately I want for this sweet season to be one we remember as being really fun, filled with lots of simple family, Christmas memories.... making cookies, watching Christmas movies!

After our change of plans Friday, the kids asked if they could crash in front of the Christmas over night.... why not;) So we all watching White Christmas until we fell asleep and they slept with the Christmas tree all night...
and the next and the next one too;)

Another reminder of the small, simple things that make sweet Christmas memories. Camping out around the Christmas tree, singing Christmas songs about Christ, driving around looking at Christmas light and even kid-wrapped random gifts (from the house) require minimal effort and can make the season sweetly simple.

Anyone have more simple activities they are doing as a family that have brought extra snuggles and giggles this Christmas?

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Jenny said...

I'm glad Nate is feeling better. Poor guy.

The little banana breads look so tasty!