Monday, September 27, 2010

Umbrellas not needed...

After a full morning of schoolwork (after our LONG weekend!!!) we were all hoping for a fun break after lunch.... but this rain won't let UP!! It started raining last night and it hasn't stopped.... so glad we traveled and played at the beach last weekend when it was soo sunny and hot;)

But the kids insisted that they'd have fun outside in the rain. They wore their "Crocs" and brought their umbrellas.... and ventured OUT!

But as I watched them I realized their umbrellas had been abandoned! And they were soaked!!

They had a GREAT time!!
Do you feel the love???
And after their baths they asked if they could go BACK outside after their naps:) Must have been as fun as it looked:)


Meg said...

So fun! I think everyone has fun memories of playing out in the rain at some point or another. What a great school break!

Jenny said...

They do look like they had a great time!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Dustyn went out this afternoon too. He had a blast!