Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TIny Talk Tuesday

Last Monday at the grocery I had to all but tied up Lydia and Chris from taking all the coupons out of a blinkie. The coupons were for pasta and my kiddos LOVE pasta... so I think they were thinking that we'd eventually purchase some if they got enough coupons??

On Tuesday I got an email about "super doubles" at Harris Teeter. Chris was at my side so I thold him that I might be able to use his coupons at the sale.

He looked concerned and said, "You mean, we might have to eat pasta the rest of our lives!"

Like they don't already!! LOL!!

Lydia has started writing letters.... it makes this "homeschooling momma" get soo excited!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when my kids progress to a new level without my "pushing"....

we all enjoy it more;) So here are her "works" ;)

Lydia has been busy rehearsing her Cubbies memory verses:)She really likes the first two:) She was practicing this week and saying them super fast and she made a silly mistake;)

She said, "God.... loved us, and sent His kid. 1 John 4:10"

Anna has been doing some timed tests with her math facts (Saxon curriculum)! She LOVES racing the clock!!

This AM while she was busy scribbling all the facts she could in a minute I walked into the other room to grab something, as I got back into the kitchen the buzzer was going off and Anna was just calmly sitting there with a HUGE grin....

Then she showed me her math facts.... she had completed them all and was soo proud of herself;) Her grin said it ALL:)

Check out Not Before 7 for more kiddie quotes;)


Jenny said...

WooHoo to Anna for knowing her math facts! That is great!

LOL about eating pasta forever.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! Great job Lydia and Anna! Dustyn loves pasta too.

Davene said...

I loved reading all of these! Isn't it fun to see how each child develops so uniquely? :)

Georgia said...

love your post!! i never heard of tiny talk tuesdays, might try to join next week :0)

Penelope said...

Love this! God sent his kid - so true!

Jill said...

I could probably eat pasta all week too!