Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday!

Lydia (3 yrs) has been asking all week for us to work in the "blue book". The "blue book" being the learn-to -read curriculum we use! AT 3!!!! LOL!!

Honestly, I'm not really surprised because she wants to be like her older siblings, one reading and the other working in the "blue book"! But also not surprising since Anna and Chris also expressed interest at 3.5 yrs old too:) And my teaching philosophy is "when they ask, start teaching!"

Now the question is where to fit time to read with Lydia in our daily (already crammed full) teaching time!


Chris saw some soda in the fridge this week (very unusual at our house!) and immediately started to ask what he needed to eat in order to be allowed to drink some! LOL!!

He asked what kind it was and I told him "Dr Pepper"! But he must not have been listening very well because the rest of the day he called it "Dr Seuss."


And Nate's been "reaching out"... he loves to grab toys, dinner plates, glasses and Daddy's face "fuzz" LOL!!!


Finally I'll share what Anna asked me last week (I'm trying to remember if I have shared it on the blog, yet.... I"m so plagued with mommy-brain... LOL!!!).

As she was working she asked, "Mommy, why is 2nd grade so much easier than 1st?"

This is both good news and bad news to hear! I"m SOOOO GLAD that she is enjoying school this year I know part of it is that I"m working more to make history fun. And we are getting into a "routine"... so she knows what to expect each day!

But I also want her to be challenged!! So this week we intentionally got a book that was a little above her reading level for some of her reading time!


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Dr. Seuss soda, lol =)

Anonymous said...

That is so funny about Chris and the Dr. Seuss soda. ha ha!

April said...

Wrong Dr, that's funny! I love the photo of him grabbing his daddy's facial hair, his expression is priceless.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Those photos are priceless - so cute!

Love the Dr. Suess soda :)

Happy TTT! Looks like your house is doing well!