Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some "time off" for Mom

On Saturday we had only housekeeping/yardwork plans, so at breakfast I asked the kids if there was anything that they'd like to do.

There were a couple of comments about going to a park,etc! But then one of my angels suggested,"Daddy, maybe you could keep us and Mommy can have some "time off", some time to relax."

And being silly I asked what I'd do during "some time to relax"?

Chris responded, "You know relaxing things... hmm, like cooking and cleaning!"


And just so you know we did have a relaxing day.

We all worked outside for MOST of the day.... it was just too pretty to stay inside (even if I was battling a nasty cold)! And Anna later told us that she had a great day playing outside with a friend, in the dirt and eventually in her bathing suit with water. Simple, nice day!

One conversation with Chris he asked out-of-the-blue, "Mommy, who pushed you out?"

After some questioning, I can now translate Chris' question to mean "Who is your Mom?"


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Chris question is hilarious! He is one creative boy, cooking and cleaning is relaxing with no kids around. LOL!

Jenny said...

Chris cracks me up! LOL about "who pushed you out"!

shopannies said...

such cute conversations you know us mommies all like to relax while cooking and cleaning LOL

grandma said...

that little man is a thinker!