Monday, August 18, 2014

Tiny Talk Tuesday: Thought Provoking Questions from a 4-yr Old

Lately Nate has been full of some pretty deep questions... for a 4 yr old:)

"We have 4 pets. Why do pets have to live at our house?"


On the way to church one Sunday morning.
"Snakes don't have legs. Why don't snakes have legs?"

Then Chris (8 yr old) answered him with the story of the Fall:)


On the way to the pool one afternoon...

"Is God a girl or a boy?"


On another trip to the pool... :)

"I not sad that Pey and Great Grandma died and we tan't see them anymore. They are with Jesus now."


"Why do I only have two legs, but Jack (our dog) has four?"

This is little guy keeps us on our toes... not just because he's soo busy but because we have another little "thinker" in the family!!

What are you're kiddos saying to keep you sharp?

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Grandma said...

My, my! That little fellow is a thinker!