Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Things Boys Think Of :)

Nate's LEGO house bathroom.

Yes, there are 4 toilets!!

"Why?" you may ask.


"Betuz everywee one wakes up at da same time and everywee one needs to use the potty!"

Of course! A big family dilemma!

And what is Chris doing out in the yard? With a tennis racket and no ball?

But still swinging?

Japanese tennis, of course!


You know! The game where you whack Japanese beetles with a tennis racket!!

And of course you slice some in half and HAVE to come tell your sisters, little brother (and mother) the gory details while they are enjoying their lunch.

No need for pesticide here... just send out the kids;) LOL!!

Just a little scared to see what my silly little boys will think of next!

As I write this I hear their noises and know EXACTLY what they're doing! They drew a bulls-eye on the schoolroom wipe board and are shooting their Nerf guns at it. At least it's finally a target that doesn't breath:)

How are your kids entertaining you today??

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