Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just in Case I Thought We Weren't Country

Think again...

Tire Walking!
Uncle Eric found us a great tire for our "one day" fort/tree house. For now the kids (and parents) had learned a new skill:) LOL!



I actually got Brian in action!! I love that he's surrounded my his biggest fans!!

And Sand Pit Swimming!

All the crazy weather has totally confused my kids;) Last week we had a very warm and beautiful Friday (perfect for our home schooling gathering) but then Saturday was dark and wet!! Don't you know my crew was begging to go outside to check out their sand pit.

I have to clarify the sand pit.... it's not a planned thing, we didn't dump sand there with the purpose of the kids getting covered head-to-toe in sand often! But somehow in the clearing of the land and the construction of the house we ended up with one;)

A HUGE one!

Once it was trenches (when we studied World War I) and then became dams and reservoirs (when we studied hydro-electricity and the Aswan Dam). Add 12+ hours of rain and it becomes a swimming pool:/


The hardest part is waiting for a towel.... he's "told, verwee told"!!


Drea said...

Brian gonna break a leg LOL get him off that thing!

MelissaLarks@WorldTravelAgency said...

look at him LOL. what face he has made while waiting for the towel.. :D looks like the kids had a great time on tire :D