Monday, March 31, 2014

Heard in the School Room

"Pootie-Poot" (and we add another "Poot") had been heard over and over while we study post-WWII and listen to current news from Eastern Europe. Totally not "potty words" in this case! Anyone want to guess??

It actually started with a biography I read about George W. Bush years ago. And it's soo hard to hear the name of the leader of Russia without that nickname popping into my head. And now I've passed this "gift" to my children:) LOL!!

And just for fun, I Google-d the nickname and found a Wikipedia LIST of all the different nicknames George W. Bush used:)

While reviewing the word "indispensable" for spelling, Anna had to write a sentence for the word. She called over to me at the table giving another spelling test, "Hey Mom, what does 'indispensable' mean?"

My response, "Anna, look it up!"

Chris: "Oh, Anna! You just got Mom-ed!"

At one time I hoped that my staying home and home schooling my kids would keep me from feeling like I live in the 'hood. And then I realized all kids are kids and there is ONE (at least one) comedian in each class... no matter how small... and that they are related to me :/


IMG_4891And sometimes there can be some purring happening in the school room (and simultaneous protest barking coming from the living room).

Sometimes it's because she just slips in.

Sometimes she gets smuggled in.

Sometimes she's just too precious to deny.

Who can resist that






Jenny said...

My sister and I were talking about Putin and Abby and my nephew starting laughing so hard. That really struck them as funny!

What a cute kitty!

Veronica@TravelTabloid said...

cute kitty! and the boy holding the kitty too :) <3