Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pre Wash

It's been awhile since I've shared much with Jack on the blog (he gets occasional posts on FB... usually when he's bad.... no more like  really bad!).

He's developed a new past time as we clean up the kitchen....

it's kind of gross and you may not want to eat at my house again...

but it's just the pre wash....

Sniffing to see what the menu will be and to find the good stuff!

Going in for the goods. Silverware is the best... right level and lots of crumbs!

Score! Can you believe how long his tongue is??? ha haha

don't worry....  everything gets washed and sanitized during the real washing cycle!

He doesn't get much because I do try to rinse most of the foodie stuff off.... but he's a scrounger of a dog! And he loves Kitchen Clean-up Time:)

1 comment:

Jacob@HolidayBuzzed said...

hahaha.. this dog is really funny.. was he trying to figure out what you were cooking for dinner? :)