Monday, May 20, 2013

Welcoming Mr Darcy!

Friday was an exciting day for the crew:)

After months and months of research, saving money, more reading(just as our librarian!!), convincing her parents, and even visiting a pet store to see her animal of choice....


we went to pick up Mr Darcy!
 (If the name sounds familiar it's from Pride and Prejudice, Anna's favorite movie!!)



He is a precious, super soft, little Dutch bunny:)

 He's been very friendly and very willing to be held... for a bit;) So everyone has had at least one turn to hold him;)




The weekend has been filled with bunny nuzzles...

Jack sniffs...
Jack has sniffed evey part of the rabbit as only Jack does!!! He loves to lick the rabbit's ears! And the rabbit has only swiped him twice... when jack has been near Mr Darcy's face!

and hutch building:)

And I have to share what a great Daddy my kiddos have;) Giving up his "relaxing" weekend and delaying his "to do" list to build a hutch for a newly acquired pet!! And that's not all... while he works he gave the boys some scraps and they got to build right along side of him;) Two little boys in their element!!!


The hutch did not get completed this weekend though.... so Mr Darcy will stay in his large Tupperware box in an enclosed room inside for just a little longer:) 

We've enjoyed him so far. The kids are sporting extra scratches from learning how to hold him correctly and giving him a little "down time" when they don't have their hands all over him. But he really does seem to like the attention and pets:) And he's not running away from them when they set him on the ground... which is great since we've only had him since Friday afternoon.

And, my Anna, she is smitten with him ;) She's currently learning more about litter box training him for his visits inside and so she doesn't have to clean out his box every day. This is teaching her all sorts of responsibly in a very "hands-on" way.

So we have 4 kids, a Jack, a rabbit and 2 tadpoles. It gets a crazy here some days;)Love it;)


Grandma said...

These pictures are unbelievably adorable! I cannot believe you were able to get some of the shots you have!

Drea said...

If you didnt have egg allergies I would say "up next, chickens!" ;-D what a cute bunny.

Jenny said...

So cute! That really is a great learning experience for everyone.