Monday, May 13, 2013

Chris at CampOut + Nate with Reptile friends

Chris on the bus with his "buddies"! They had a blast!
We were able to see some baby rabbits in a friend's yard... they were too precious. The kids were desperate to keep a bunny or two but they were very tiny and hopefully still being cared for my their Momma. One of my "excuses" for not taking one home was that we didn't know what to feed a bunny that small.

Chris had an idea "baby carrots" !

Speaking of Chris, he came home from his boy's campout all excited! His first words to me were not "I missed you Mom" but...

"I drank 8 sodas while I was away!!"

I was grossed out...

seriously, that many in only 20 hours (or less)! Boys will be boys... especially without a momma there to regulate;)


Nate holding "Toady". Gotta love all the dirt in his fingernails... a true outdoor little boy!

Nate has quickly joined the others in their love of nature. He's one of the first "on the scene" when the call goes out in the yard that there is a frog, toad, lizard, cricket, turtle... you name it, he'll grab it!
And he's fearless...

There's just something about a small little animal in his chubby, little, gentle hands!
Miss Busch posing for the camera!

Miss Busch enjoying some back rubs... I'm amazed at how gentle Nate usually is:)
On Saturday I let Nate pick up one of our visiting turtles. Nate finally set the turtle down in the garden after carrying her around the yard saying she was "heavy":) Then he got down on his belly and rubbed her shell and quietly said "you are me best friend."

And not reptile related he was helping us plant some peas. He pulled the little plant out of the planter gently and held it right in his face to tell it "me love you"!

I have two sweet boys;)
One of Nate's new phrases is "maybe so". He uses it like this...

Me : Nate would you like some green beans on your plate?

Nate: Maybe so!

What a hoot! He sounds so grown up sometimes!

It's your turn:)

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Jenny said...

He is getting so big. What a cutie! He must be very good to be able to catch those critters!

LOL at Chris and the soda. I bet he was a bit gassy. LOL!