Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How Can it Be?? Nate is Three!!

IMG_1862-editedHow is it possible that our "baby" is 3 today???

I remember those long days for a year that I begged God for another chance to have a baby. And then on one day before heading to the dentist... just on  a whim, I took a pregnancy test to be sure I was ok to get x-rays. Imagine my surprise when I WAS pregnant!!  

I was in tears... joyful tears! Tears that God had answered this insignificant woman's heartfelt prayers. Tears that I would get to carry and mother another child. Tears that my body was ok. Just lots of joyful, thankful tears... aren't those the best:)

And now I'm just in awe that 3 years and just about 9 months later I have this little guy in my life:)

He is a constant reminder of the fact that God DOES answer prayers.... in His time, when He knows we are ready:)  I'm not sure I was ready to accept another crazy, wild, determined little boy the 1st time I asked God for another baby:)

IMG_1859 - 2 editedAnd boy, oh boy do I have a busy and determined little boy:)

He is lot like his big brother and much different at the same time!! Like Chris, Nate loves being outside finding sticks, helping their daddy and exploring. Nate also has a story telling ability... he has told us some whoppers of finding purple snakes that bite him and playing with Titus on days when we didn't see Titus. Oh, and they are both still into dinosaurs;)

Nate is different though, too!! He's not as laid back as Chris. He sticks with a task longer, like one afternoon he worked for hours with Brian and I clearing brush and stacking wood. He also sticks with an idea longer.... he'll ask us 100 times for something in a matter of minutes and he's not always happy when our answer is not in his favor:)

He is still in a slightly timid stage sticking with us in new situations until he is comfortable and he still isn't going into his Sunday School class (sometime even when we'll go with him).

And he talks in his sleep... a little strange to hear him but funny what he is dreaming about.. usually his siblings:)

 I love this new, exciting learning stage!! Last year he was saying just few words and knew a handful of "songs"... but now he is a chatterbox; he can and will say anything;)  This stage definitely comes with challenges as my little boy is very opinionated especially when he is sleepy. And he is determined to keep up with his older siblings during their adventures; he can often been found in the woods catching frogs, bugs, looking for snakes and playing Civil War with them:)

IMG_1867-2 edittedHis favorites:

Color : Blue
Food : Chicken Nuggets
Treat: any Candy
Subject: Cutting, Painting and Memory Games
Animal: Lion
Do inside: Play with Duplos
Outside Activity: Ride the Gator (yes, it's still alive)
Toys:Duplos, toy tools
Restaurant: McDonald's
Book: The Snowy Day
Movie: Little Einsteins
PBSkids Show: Dinosaur Train

Goals for his 3rd year: He's been asking to ride a bike (maybe we can talk him into training wheels)!

When you ask him what he wants to be when he "grows up" he immediately said, "I not know." And that's what I get for asking a 3 year old what they are going to be when they grow up:)

He told us at dinner he wanted to be "a dump truck driver":) Nice!

We adore our Nate! 
And are soo thankful for him;)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Nate!!


Grandma said...

Happy Birthday to a handsome little man. We love you. Granddaddy and Grandma

Grammie said...

He is soooo adorable and such a big helper! Happy Birthday cutie! Have fun catching all those BUGS ! LOVE YOU, Grammie

Jenny said...

So cute! Happy belated birthday to Nate!!

Homegrown Learners said...

He's beautiful. I love those happy tears. I've had those a few times in my life and they are such a blessing!

Drea said...

I cant believe how big he looks here :( - wow... went to fast. Im so behind on blogs!! just been such a busy season for us.... miss yall.