Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

With a snotty and clinging toddler and chilly, wet weather we made it through another week :)

This week we discussed being generous. I was personally challenged with the idea of "your heart is where your treasure is" and how it applies to how we spend our time as well. It was funny that I was challenged with the verse one day and the next day I had a sick, whinny, clingy 2 yr old :) What a way to put in practice how I need to love and comfort like Christ and not be distracted by my "own agenda"... yes, even when my agenda includes laundry, making meals and schooling some older siblings:/

Language Arts
The last few weeks I've made more of an effort to work with Chris and Lydia in their reading book. It's amazing how different they are in their journey to be readers.. one is reading like crazy (read from a 3.7 level Abeka reader with ease) and the other stumbles over sight words:/ Goes to show you that the journey to reading isn't always about having great resources or a willing parent... definitely a lot to do with personality (and ability... although I know the ability is there for my little one).

Thankfully there is progress!! And that is my motivation as we drag out the reading boom each morning whether anyone wants to or not :)

And my issues with Anna's Grammar isn't solved but it's working. I'm doing most of it orally with her. She's learning and likes the one-on-one time (so do I)... too bad the rest of the house is bounding off the walls while we work!

Chugging away... lesson by lesson:) Math facts and skip counting during drives in the car... the homeschooling life!

Chris working hard... after the picture I realized he was working hard on making a battle scene around his problems:/

Lydia's lesson on Symmetry

We had a HUGE event this week.... besides the elections;) LOL!!

We finished Story of the World vol 3!! It's a very big accomplishment for us:) I will admit that we didn't do all the activities and narrations for every chapter, some we just read through:/ But as we reviewed I realized how much the kids had gleaned from our studies. Yay!!!


We did spend time talking about the Presidential Elections. We read a few books from our local library and reviewed the 3 main branches of the federal government. The kids went in with us to vote.. they saw us in action!! And then on Election Night we watched some of the results come in... they lasted about an hour or so and then went to bed:)

We read and did two experiments about water pressure. Again... simple yet just enough of what they can handle.



We also did a little natural science by going on a nature senses hunt with friends;) It was fun and sweet to see the kids pair up and hunt for the items listed;) They had a ball!

This cracked me up... the kids needed to find a beetle and Nate just happened to have one in his pocket:) Boys:/

Tot in the School Room
We recently joined a community learning resource center! We checked out our first goodies this week!! Definitely a hit with Nate!


Grandma said...

Lydia is a leader!

Jenny said...

What a fun week! Nate is looking so big, how did that happen?

I like the idea of a nature senses hunt.

Congrats on finishing Story of the World!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Love all these ideas! And we are up to our ears in "snotty clingy" right now too. Ugh. Hope all are healthy soon!