Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Courageous Guard Dog

Jack is a bark-er!!  While there are some dogs that are just yappy.... Jack thankfully isn't!

Usually he is barking to express himself when the kids are outside and he is stuck inside.... that drives him crazy because he wants to be with them soo badly! And then put the kids on bikes outside while Jack is inside and he's LOUD! Very loud!

When we're all inside and the kids are all away from the dog, he is usually quiet and resting... conserving his energy for when the kids come back to play!

If he barks when all is quiet.... I know something is "wrong"! Maybe we have a visitor... either inside (friends or mouse) or outside! .

The other day, it was quiet! The kids were all quietly working on Legos in the schoolroom (a miracle... so I used the time finishing some school preparations for the rest of week) and Jack started to bark.


He was determined to tell us! Insistent that there was something that we needed to know! NOW!

I had to see why he was barking. Since we've had a lot of snakes recently and I was kind of hoping he was indeed trying to alert us to a problem... ie, any snakes near us!


Nope, just birds!! Those evil things that hunt for bugs in the grass and fly away before he can ever get too close!



Jenny said...

Bad birds! LOL!

Sarah Halstead said...

Ha ha. Funny. What kind of dog is he? I want to get a Cavapoo or Cockapoo.

Kelly B said...

Jack is a Cavashon:) We love his crazy personality and that he doesn't shed...a plus for an inside dog! Jack is super active! He loves walks running after kids (LOL!!), fetching balls and chasing the cat through the woods:) Anything that involves lots of activity or walks that includes sniffing and pee-ing on everything:)