Monday, May 19, 2014

Cherry Point Air Show

On Friday we headed to a local military base for a community event! We thought it involved lots of planes and fireworks, if we lasted long enough into the evening.

When we got there, we were pleasantly surprised by all of the military personnel and vehicles they had out on display. Our kids were soo excited.... so excited it was hard to keep up with which vehicle they were in.




The kids had a blast climbing through the vehicles! But what impressed me was the military staff there helping! To have a dozen or so wild kids climbing through these tanks and hummers, boats and helicopters... they were soo calm and patient! They gladly answered the kids questions and handed them down to parents.

I kind of chuckled a few times when these men were soo very outnumbered by kids and were looking around them to see exactly how many kids they actually were "tending" to at one time. The kids were loud. Climbing in and out! Pushing every button they could possibly reach.

These men (and women) impressed me! Sure, there were some that you could tell they weren't comfortable with all the kiddos. But most just were really professional, easy to talk to and seemed to almost enjoy the kids... almost:)

Chris was in "his element"!!!

He's talked already about being in the military. And most of his drawings include war/fighting scenes. He definitely has a compassionate and serving heart as well.... in some ways, I saw him fitting well into the group of men and women that I saw that night. Surprisingly he's pretty good with younger children, too!

And yes, we did see some planes;)




And fireworks, too!

Thankfully, it turned out to be a beautiful night (actually chilly!) and a wonderful opportunity for our children to have their sphere of knowledge broadened a little more. Reading the signs and seeing in what areas/conflicts some of the planes, helicopters and tanks have served was also cool and tied into our current history lessons. As well as meeting and speaking to many Marines as they happily explored through the vehicles.


And I left with a feeling of gratitude towards our military... in this case the Marines!
 And proud to be a sibling of a Marine Corp veteran as well! 


Jenny said...

What a great event. It looks like fun!

Drea said...

One of my old childhood friends use to work with the blue angels. He got us VIP passes his last year working for them. Was so awesome but we sat so close to the action it actually gave Caleb nightmares hahaha..Always fun to look back on that day - i have great memories from it: