Friday, December 20, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

We've been enjoying this Christmas season:)

 This week we finally tucked the school books away so that we could slow.down.a.bit and enjoy it all... well not ALL, I think that's the secret to this season is NOT trying to do it all. We have attended and participated in a lot but there were some activities that we just missed so we didn't have to rush or so we could just have time together:)

Anyway, since I can't recap every activity, I thought I'd share some of our favorite moments so far this Christmas season:)

Nate helping to decorate the tree in his "summer attire"

The older kids and I working on a pinterest project...
its still is not completely finished but we had fun with 3 glue guns going at one time:)

Designing our Gingerbread House the church's Christmas party!

It's precious to see Nate's joy when he finds the Jesse Tree ornament
 that corresponds to our readings each day:)

A vinyl sticker snowman that Nate played with while we schooled some in Dec.

Attended our former town's Christmas parade!! Always feels like home to go back....
seeing friends
watching kids from past VBSs growing up so quickly
meeting grandchildren of church members
being thankful for our years with them & glad we're not that far away now

The card "factory"... the kids stamping and preparing envelopes for our annual Christmas cards.
Even though we have scaled back from the amount we used to send out,
I'm not sure how I managed to do it all without their help!

Sugar Cookie making....

 Decorating, and eating:)

 If I complain about gaining weight over the holidays it will be from this deadly combination:
peppermint and chocolate!

Personalizing cards for their Sunday School and GA/RA teachers.
 And making some for the retirement home residents as well.

Decorating some ornaments to give as gifts to the residents at a local retirement/rehab center...
the residents love the kid visits and the sparkly gifts

Their FAVORITE Christmas tradition:)
One night camping out in front of the Christmas tree...
Simple, sweet and a fun memory.

And what was Momma doing while they slept??

Hot cocoa in an alma mater mug while folding laundry;)

Merry Christmas!!!

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