Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TTT- Summer, Little Boy Logic and An Upcoming B-day

"And that's why I like summer, we get all the good stuff!" says Christopher after learning we were going it grab some Popsicles and head to a friend's house for a little bit one afternoon.


Chris and Anna have had plenty of loose teeth and we've been anticipating Lydia's " loosing teeth journey". This week we found that her permanent teeth are popping through behind the baby teeth. And I asked her,"Haven't you felt the teeth poking through?"

Lydia responded, "Yes, I knew they were there."

And Chris' response,"Well, when I feel something hard in my mouth I punch it real hard. If it doesn't move it must be a tooth."

Really?!?!  Little boy logic:/

Speaking of little boys:)  My Nate has become a fantastic storyteller... definitely passed down from his brother! Of course most of the endings of Nate's stories involve someone's head being "banged off"!

Nate has definitely grown up in a more "boy" atmosphere... lots of  swords, cars, dirt:) Chris broke us in and Nate is ready to follow in his big brother's foot steps.

And Nate.... Is it possible that we only have 2 WEEKS until he is 3???
When in the world did that happen?? (As I write this Nate is falling asleep and giggling in his new sleep.... like an infant.... precious!!)

If you ask Nate about his upcoming birthday.... this is what he'll tell you:)

It's your turn:)

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Smart Chris! :)