Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Today is our furry family member's 1st birthday:)

Our story with Jack still is humorous to me; how we were in the process of talking about a dog and then ended up with one hours later... totally unplanned and last minute (two qualities that don't describe our normal decision making).

But we have Jack:) And it's working... I mean.... we still have him despite our lack of knowledge of puppies (dogs), our poor skills at training him and Jack's enormous amount of energy and ability to get into stuff (just like a 2 or 3 year old really... except he doesn't talk back or throw tantrums).

Don't let him fool you... he's no fru-fru dog:) He'll get right into the mud, dirt and water!
Jack is a great dog, though! He gets a bad rap because he can't defend himself!! LOL!!

So I thought I'd share some fun facts about our Jack!

*He loves fruit and veggies (well any kind of "people food" he can snatch)... but he will happily gobble up green beans, broccoli, carrots, banana, apple slices and now strawberries. He does NOT often get these things... but when we need a quick treat to make him obey or a kid drops something Jack is the first one there to clean it up... my floors have never been this clean:)

IMG_1093*Where every we go we often get stopped with questions and/or comments about our Jack;) He seems to draw dog lovers in with his look;)

*He loves ripping up ANY paper... and he'll tear it into a million pieces... he got into toilet paper today :/

*If someone is rough housing near him... he gets involved! He likes to be in the center of everything!

* He loves being outside.... it kills him when he has to stay inside when the kids go outside! He runs from window to window barking at the kids, especially when they are on bikes;)

*BIKES!! He LOVES, loves, loves racing the kids around the house; kids on bikes and Jack on his four, furry feet. Guess who wins???  JACK!!! Every time!  Even against Brian:)

*And he is slowly giving us back the ball when we play "fetch"... his favorite toy is a tennis ball and he loves to fetch it, but just doesn't give it, unless you have a trade for him (another ball or treat). Here is Lydia practicing fetch with him:)

He's a crazy 'ole dog but we love our Jack!

Happy Birthday, Jack!

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Jenny said...

He is so cute and looks so happy. What a great addition to your family.

Hey, even my cat brings back her toys to fetch. LOL!