Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Perfect Purple Pencil Sharpener

In the busyness of the classroom, there are very few items that a teacher can rely on consistently to bring peace during the day. And for me there is nothing more aggravating than having students constantly sharpening pencils with the loud scraping or machine like noises. Or having the pencils that they do sharp not completely sharpen... so yes, more noise, distraction and kids off task.

In our small classroom of four, a pencil sharpener brought our chaos into sanity about a year and a half ago! Our little red beauty has served us well.... and others, too! Yes, others! We have sharpened friends' pencils to our house. Pencils from church groups. Pencils for my husband's work related events.

We were recently asked if we wanted to try out the newest color... purple!! We eagerly agreed because we know the quality of our red sharpener and the fun (and peace) it has brought into our classroom space. After sharpening the first pencil we were reminded of how much we love these sharpeners!

The biggest thing with these sharpeners is the ease of use (safe and easy for the kids to use),

The durability and simplicity,

The consistency,

And the cool colors!!!

What a great way to bring sanity saving and fun into a classroom of ANY size!

Classroom Friendly Supplies is also committed to make shopping with them simple and painless:) They have multiple of different colors and quantities available. Even a sharpener for those thick pencils for those little hands! And FREE shipping!

They must speak "teacher" !

Get your PURPLE (or red, green, blue, pink, or black) sharpener at Classroom Friendly Supplies!

**We are grateful for Classroom Friendly Supplies for the opportunity to do this review of their new purple sharpener! We have accurately shared our opinion of this product with no compensation besides being able to keep the new purple sharpener!

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