Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Did you miss us;)

Anyone enjoying peach season? I'm a summer fruit gal... strawberries, peaches, blueberries... count me in;)

So while we were running errands, Lydia, Nate and I made a quick stop into a grocery store that carries "as local as possible" produce to get PEACHES:)

But then I heard from behind me, "Us not get peaches. Peaches are disgusting!" Then giggles (Lydia's).

I have started to clean up our school room.... we cleaned a lot after we finished school and then we had 3 weeks stuck inside, RAIN and more RAIN, vacation ....

and the school room was trashed again:/

I was surprised to find that all our scissors are missing:/

I questioned the little bracelet makers:) "Do you know where the scissors might have gone this summer? I didn't find any in the school room?"

Lydia responded, "I think Mr Nobody took them!!"

LOL!! Those of you who have used First Language Lessons or are familiar with that poem know that name well:)


Nate was excitedly asking me the other day "Me doe to the freek?"

I wish I can understand what he is asking the first time every time, but I don't speak "Nate" well sometimes:/

So I asked him, "What is the freek, Nate?"

"Mom, the freek! Where me and Tis tatch the tadpoles, fish and toads and frogs!"

Ahhh... the creek!! He had seen Chris run down to the edge of the creek with some fishing supplies:) BOYS:)

Back in the school room we are laying down the "rules" again. Chris saw Anna's Kindle on the table and called her out on her infraction," Get your toy off the table!"

Anna quickly replied back,"It's not a toy. It's a very expensive piece of electronics!"

LOL!! I had to turn my back and snicker at that one, before I reminded them to speak kindly to each other;) And to keeps "toys" off the table during schooling!!


Lydia has already worked ahead in math and did her 1st assessment of the year:) But one question confused her.

Lydia: "I don't know how to answer this question. It says, "How many children have birthdays in August?" But my chart only says "mom" and "the cats"."

A normal predicament for a home schooler;) And BTW we also discussed that we were missing an aunt's birthday, too;)

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