Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Students

Every year when we start school, we spend a little time decorating their grade signs:) Things got a little tricky this year and I really thought "lets not do the signs this year" and there were protests:) So we got out the cardstock and paints and they got busy:)

ONe reason it's tricky this year is because of their "grades"... we home school not so our kids will skip grades or be rock scientist (although both of those things would be pretty cool!!). But home schooling allows them to work at their pace.

For each kid we've started a little earlier in a schooling routine than traditional schools because they have asked!! With Anna I was trying to keep up with a local preschool but with Chris and Lydia they wanted to start. So each child as started earlier than their same-aged peers. But their home school "grades" and their peer age grades are not quite in line this year.

So we decided to have them stick with their age group as far as their "grade" and then let them work at their own pace in their schooling. This year is a little tricky because it's our transition that explains the "double grade" signs this year! But better to have a strong 2nd grader than a struggling 3rd grader.... right;) 

And what's the rush.... none, here;) Like I said in our curriculum post, this decision has fit perfectly into our choices to finish vol 4 of SOTW and do the Apologia Chemistry and Physics:) Perfect timing!

The class!










And occasionally it gets a little crazy here;) Just occasionally, though :P

We have an awesome year ahead of us;) 

We are joining in on the Not Back to School Blog Hop:)


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, they have gotten so big! Lydia's haircut is adorable!

Have a great year!

Grandma said...

Who wouldn't be excited to work with these adorable and smart students!!! And I love the pictures----all of them!