Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leaving Jack

My mom (Grammie) was so very sweet when we got Jack. She quickly volunteered to watch him if we ever needed to:)  Recently we went a lengthy trip and bringing along our furry babe would have been a little too crazy for us, like traveling hours and hours in a van with in-laws and 4 kids wasn't crazy enough;) LOL!! (Actually it's the in-laws who are crazy for agreeing to go with us)!!!

But the actual  "leaving of Jack" with Grammie didn't go over easy with my Jack-loving crowd.

Grammie's "car Jack" picture

I have to admit that I teared up, too, but I had on sunglasses to hide behind. From the back of the van though were tears, real tears. And their words were even more painful to their momma...

"We have to get Jack back from Grammie right now, he's our dog!"

"Who am I going to play with?"

"When I throw the ball, who will return it to me? It's like I'll throw it and it will just land on the ground with no dog to try to catch it."

"Mommy, you're not getting Jack back from Grammie because you don't love him. I  love my dog." After this one I did explain that sometimes we have to do hard things when we love something and that it would be better for Jack to stay with Grammie than to be stuck with us in the car or crated at family's houses.

I'll be honest... Jack is a challenge:/ I've done a poor job training him because I'm learning too. And honestly I'm still training (and re-training) kids... 4 of them... that have to be responsible adults one day... the kids just take priority. And maybe if we would have waited a couple of years the kids could have helped more... but they are young too:)

And what did Grammie think???

She is excited about keeping Jack  (and Mr Darcy)! She is looking forward to walking Jack and spending some time training him... only time will tell who got trained:) LOL!!

Post vacation....

We've all survived without Jack. And Grammie survived with Jack:) She's actually been cracking up her FB friends with Jack phrases and a trash incident where his name almost became "hit the road Jack"!

We go to pick him up tomorrow... the homecoming should be sweet since my kids did this for a good portion of their time at their great uncle's.

What are you kiddos saying??? Leave their words in the comments or link to your Tiny Talk Tuesday post:)


Grammie said...

It was fun having Jack and Mr Darcy! But it has made me realize Grammie does not want a pet full time! So kids don't worry, Grammie is definitely giving Jack back! He cannot wait to see you guys tomorrow! But if you ever need me to take care of him...I will! Love you all and miss you!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, so cute! Jack looks like quite the trouble maker, but a cute one!